Magnetic Inspection Laboratory

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Company Description:

Since 1942, Magnetic Inspection Laboratory Inc. has established a legacy of providing the aerospace and defense industries a wide range of special processes with over 2,500 Prime Contractor approvals.


Centrally located in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, MIL Inc. is a world class leader with special process Nadcap accreditations in Nondestructive Testing, Chemical Processing, Welding / Brazing and Surface Enhancement (Shot Peening). 


Our ever-expanding special process diversity, coupled with an impressive line card of prime approvals provides our customers a single-source solution for multi-process, complex parts.


MIL Inc. has Subject Matter Experts in every facet of its operations, ensuring your parts are planned and processed in accordance with your requirements – each and every time.  Complexity is where MIL Inc. leads the industry in terms of multiple processes, selective finishing, quality and repeatability.


Don’t hold back because of current supply chain limitations, Contact us to discuss a current need or your next big challenge.


Our Line Card


Chemical Processing

·         Anodizing – Types I, IB, IC, II, IIB and III.  Class 1 and 2

·         Chromate Conversion Coatings – Types 1 and 2, Class 1A and 3

·         Passivation / Electro Polish

·         Cadmium Plate – Rack – Barrel - Brush

·         Phosphates – Zinc and Manganese

·         Black Oxide

·         Chemical Milling (Forgings / Titanium Superplastic Formed)

·         Finishing of Additive Manufactured Parts and Components

·         Corrosion Testing – Salt Fog / Humidity

·         Taber Abrasion / Wear Resistance

·         Precision Masking





·         Liquid Prime and Paint

·         Epoxies

·         Polyurethanes

·         Enamels

·         Wash Primes

·         CARC

·         Walkway Coatings

·         Metallic Ceramic

·         Teflon / PTFE

·         Permanent Resin

·         Adhesive Bond Primers

·         Powder


·         Dry Film Lubricants


Nondestructive Testing


·         Liquid Penetrant Inspection

·         Magnetic Particle Inspection 

·         Radiography




·         Pre-penetrant Etch

·         Nital/Temper Etch


Shot Peening

·          Robotic, 6 Axis - Opposing Shuttle with Dual Auxiliary Indexing / Continuous-Turn Axes


Welding / Brazing


·         TIG / MIG

·         Weld Repair, Castings

·         Hard-facing / Overlays

·         Torch Braze / Silver Solder

·         Hydrostatic Pressure Test

·         Helium Leak Test



Part Marking


·         Laser Marking

·         Silk Screening

·         Stenciling

·         Paint / Ink Fill


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