Gear Motions, Inc.

1750 Milton Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13209
United States

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Company Description:

Gear Motions is a leading gear manufacturer specializing in supplying custom cut and ground gears. Whether we’re manufacturing your gear complete from start to finish or working from your blanks, our wide range of precision gear manufacturing capabilities and services deliver quality gears to meet almost any application.

Our precision ground or cut helical and spur gears, and cut sprockets, splines, straight bevels and worm gears, are proudly Made in the USA, and are built using equipment that can accommodate virtually any customer request, including diameters ranging from a fraction of an inch up to six feet.

Whether your project requires services such as full design, prototyping, pre-production and production of gears, Gear Motions has the expertise to handle every step of the gear manufacturing process to meet your needs. Our advanced gear manufacturing technology includes Gear Grinding, Gear Cutting, Milling & Drilling, Surface, ID, & OD Grinding, Inspection, Turning, ID Honing, and Broaching & Keyseating. We also offer exceptional after the sale customer service.

Gear Motions is 100% Employee Owned, assuring our customers that their precision gearing is built by people who have a stake in the outcome. As a global distributor, we are able to export to many international countries.

We’ve been designing and manufacturing precision gears for more than a century, and in that time we’ve built a reputation for quality and proven performance. Each one of Gear Motion’s facilities are ISO 9001:2008 certified, and our gears have consistently demonstrated quality and reliability in some of the most demanding applications out there. Our experience combined with our extensive gear production capabilities makes it easy to maintain the demanding standards of gear manufacturing. When it comes to gear production, we’re here to handle all your projects, large or small.

Our gear manufacturing journey began in the 1960s, when Rawling Gear was acquired by Samuel T. Haines. The ten-man company served a local New England market for custom gear products. The company grew, renovated and enlarged its facility, and began to look for new opportunities.

In 1973, Haines officially joined the firm with a business plan for purchasing “Turn Around” specialty gear shops, and shortly thereafter, Gear Motions was incorporated. Our vision was to develop a regional network of companies whose unique specialties could be leveraged to better serve the wide ranging needs of our customers. Our newly formed organization would be able to bring the management, marketing and financial strengths of larger size while maintaining the unique service aspects of smaller regional shops.

Oliver Gear, in Buffalo, NY, was our first acquisition in 1973, and Nixon Gear was purchased out of bankruptcy in 1978. It was also around this time that Gear Motions began its sales and marketing activities in earnest; developing a national sales force providing coverage from the East Coast to Texas.

In the early 1980s, the Plastic Gearing Services Division was created to provide design and development of high strength plastics gearing for the emerging business machine market. In 1988, Gear Motions acquired Gear Supply and Broaching, a California gear manufacturing company. During the 1990s and early 2000s, these businesses were either consolidated into existing facilities or sold.

In 2005, Gear Motions began one of its biggest transitions in its history, from a privately held company to an Employee Owned Company (ESOP). President Sam Haines, and the Haines family, plan was to begin a ten year ownership transition to assure the companies in Gear Motions remained in the communities that supported them during their history. In 2010 Gear Motions completed its transition to a 100% Employee Owned company. Gear Motions now provides a unique opportunity for our Customers to deal directly with our owners. Every person a Customer comes in to contact with at Gear Motions is an owner. This is just another way Gear Motions differentiates itself from its competitors.

In 2012, Gear Motions acquired Pro-Gear Co. Inc., a gear grind only manufacturer in Buffalo, NY. This acquisition allowed Gear Motions to add more capability to our group of precision gear manufacturers who seek gear grind only capabilities. Also in 2012, Gear Motions partnered with KBE+, a design and engineering firm specializing in the design, analysis and test services for gear systems and mechanical transmissions. KBE+ specializes in the analysis of gear systems from design, through prototype testing, to manufacture.

In January 2014, Gear Motions acquired Niagara Gear in Buffalo, NY, adding to our family. Niagara Gear manufactures  precision ground spur, helical and pump gears for a large and diverse global customer base. 

Gear Motions continues to grow and evolve to meet the ever changing requirements of our Customers and the gear industry. The evolution will never move us away from our core principles and values to provide the highest quality product to our Customers through innovation, technology, and superior customer service.


Ground Gears
Helical Gears
Spur Gears
Bevel Gears
Custom Gear Manufacturer
Gear Applications: 
Railroad Equipment <= 50 inches
Power Transmission Equipment <= 50 inches
Oil & Gas Field Equipment <= 50 inches
Industrial Machinery <= 50 inches
Farm Machinery <= 50 inches
Construction Machinery <= 50 inches
Automotive <= 50 inches
Aerospace <= 50 inches
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