Nordex, Incorporated

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Brookfield, CT 06804-2018
United States

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Company Description:

Custom parts and engineering as well as standard components:

We have an experienced, visionary and energetic group of engineers available to you. They will assist in choosing the correct part, trouble shoot problems and create new designs.  We exist to assist fellow engineers design and bring to life new and innovative ideas that will impact the way we live each day of our lives today and in the future. 

We are committed to see our customers grow by developing a competitive product and or process for them. We love the excitement and challenge of each and every project that passes through our office.

Nordex is well known for its 350 page catalog of standard components and custom gears.

We are not just another catalog company. Nordex is an Engineering driven company!

We offer way more than our competitors and are proud to lead the way with innovative, creative design and engineering. At Nordex we support our customers with traditional and interdisciplinary engineering principles.

Our goal is to make a difference in the world by offering innovative ideas and fostering the philosophy of anything is possible.

Our vision is expanding the minds of engineers to dream big, believe in themselves and know the idea of flying cars and vacation trips to the moon will one day be a reality.

Nordex has made custom components for applications that have gone to outer space and to the bottom of the ocean.  Look around you ~ everything was created from an idea from someone like you and I.

We strive for perfection; with an ISO9001 quality system in place for verifying and maintaining a desired level of quality.  We believe in providing quality and service above and beyond our competitors and our customer’s expectations to make sure that our customers are cared for.


Custom Parts and Engineering:

Gear Cutting:  Shaping & Hobbing

Anti-backlash, Helical, Internal, Miter & Bevel, Racks, Worm and Worm Wheels, Pulleys, Sprockets  1/8 – 20” OD, 6-180 Pitch

Custom Machining:  Turning, milling, grinding, multi-axis machining, precision threading, drilling, boring, broaching, thread grinding

Assemblies:  Electro mechanical devices, drive mechanisms (linear, rotary, reciprocating)

soldering, pressing, permanent jointing

Engineering & Design:  We have an experienced, visionary and energetic group of engineers who assist customers in the development of new products and processes, refinement of existing products and processes. From concept to fabrication.  CAD design systems: Solid works, pro-engineer, space claim.  Manufacturing system:  Edge cam.

Testing:  Quality control testing is performed to maintain a high control of measurements.  Complete quality testing.  Material, hardness, acoustical, reliability, life testing, statistical quality analysis.  ISO 9001:2008 certified since 1996

Clean room – Nordex maintains a class 100 Certified Clean Room.

Modify -  Re-bore, slit, add features, remove material, assemble

Standard Components:           Gears, pulleys, racks, bearings, timing belts, lead screws and nuts, fasteners

Nordex, incorporated in 1960 manufacturing surface-mount assembly equipment later adding miniature precision electro-mechanical parts and assemblies for medical, robotic, military, prosthetic, semiconductor, automation OEM industries. We have made custom components for applications that have gone to outer space and to the bottom of the ocean. The Nordex Design Guide has over 30,000 standard miniature power transmission products available with online ordering and 3D CAD models at

Nordex products are all around you… and put to use by many Fortune 500 companies.

The interdisciplinary engineering department is world-class and truly accessible to its customers. Contact Nordex Engineering Department. They’re one of the few modern companies that follows the old-fashioned practice of answering the phone with a live human being. The President, Dan Agius, says that customers will often look at what Nordex’s standard offering is and then say, “That is kind of like what I’m looking for, but really what I need is this.” and we say, “Okay, we can work with you on that,” and that’s where our engineering group comes into play. Nordex has a Class 100 clean room and is ISO9001-2008 registered. It is well positioned as a one-stop source for excellent prototype through production capabilities.

Product Information:
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